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First looks have easily become one of the most beneficial “modern” additions to a wedding day. Tradition has it that typically a bride & groom would see each other as they walked down the aisle, however nowadays, seeing one another BEFORE the ceremony has become fairly popular. I often tell people that if they want the work they see in my portfolio, I need time, and a good amount of it. First looks impact this greatly. Not convinced? Here are a few more points why I love them:

1) On average, you get to spend about 4-5 hours MORE with your significant other on your wedding day (that’s huge!)

Kailey & Derek were able to enjoy quality time together & have zero stress during their portraits before their guests arrived.

2. First looks are almost ALWAYS more emotional and meaningful than seeing each other down the aisle (afraid you’ll miss that “epic moment” down the aisle? I’d say 99% of my couples STILL got choked up walking down the aisle even though they saw one another…music & having people present = all the feels.)

Meagan & Sean were able to enjoy some quality time together while taking in all of the emotions & still felt very emotional during their ceremony (see the last photo from their day below to see what I mean!):

3) They allow you to enjoy time with your friends during cocktail hour because we aren’t scrambling for photos. Bring on the apps and drinks and go mingle!

Kailey & Derek were able to enjoy lots of quality time with their family & friends following their ceremony:

4) We aren’t rushed to do your portraits, family portraits, AND bridal party during cocktail hour (not rushed = better photos).

Here are some bridal party photos from Morgan & Ethan’s gorgeous boho fall wedding near Prince Edward County:

5) You’d likely not need to add more time to your already packed schedule to accommodate more portrait time. Your wedding day goes by FAST – maximize the time you have!

Here’s some photos from Lindsey & Lucas’s intimate forest ceremony at You NEED to check out this gorgeous venue if you haven’t already! They are located just 40 mins outside of Prince Edward County.

I hope these tips were helpful to make your decision on whether or not you should do a first look!

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Looking forward to hearing all about your beautiful love story & helping you plan the wedding of your dreams!



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