5 things to do near San Francisco, California – Yosemite National Park Elopement Photographer

One of the top things on my bucket list was to drive along the California coast line & it was everything I dreamed it to be. My husband Luc & I booked our flights fairly last minute and had the best time driving around & taking in all the beautiful scenery. It was really nice to have a little getaway after the busy wedding season —— to take a short pause and soak in some quality time together.

If you’re considering taking a trip here, I’ve put together a list of 5 things to do near San Francisco:

  1. Visit the Golden Gate Bridge

  2. Drive along the California Coast Line – Hwy #1 (BREATHTAKING)

  3. Stay in a cozy cabin in Big Sur (so many great places to hike / visit Pfeiffer Beach)

  4. Drive to Yosemite National Park & hike around (catch a sunset at Taft Point!)

  5. Go surfing at Nor Cal, Pacifica (there’s an amazing coffee shop called Soul Grind Coffee Roasters right beside it that makes the best bacon avocado toast & lattes. You’ll thank me later.)

We started the trip by going to the Golden Gate Bridge (you’ll see some pics of me taking photos for other people cause I’m that person that asks everyone if they want their photo taken —— I can feel their pain when they’re struggling to take a selfie & it’s just not working out haha), then drove the Coast to spend the day at Big Sur (we stayed in the cutest cabin in Big Sur with a fireplace in our room & a hot tub on the back deck – it was perfect). We went to Pfeiffer Beach, but it was SOOO windy that the sand was blowing in our faces so we left after like 15 mins lol.

We stayed in Big Sur for a few days, then drove 6 hours (12 total there & back) to Yosemite National Park & the mountain views were INSANE. I’ve never experienced anything like it. We hiked around & brought nice outfits in our backpack to stop and take some pics (poor Luc – such a trooper haha). We then drove to Taft Point in Yosemite to catch the sunset. I was so sleepy by the time we got there that I didn’t wanna bother getting out of the car, but Luc forced me out & I’m so glad I battled it cause it was truly MAGIC.

We drove back & went “surfing” (& by surfing I mean we got tossed around and inhaled lots of sea water lol) in San Francisco at Nor Cal, Pacifica. We rented wet suits / surf boards & were then told my the professional surfers that it was NOT a beginners day for surfing. The tide was high and we were holding on for our ******** lives. All in all it was a fun experience, scrapes ‘n all.

Alright, I think this is the most I’ve ever written in my life, so I’m gonna stop here. Please enjoy these (mostly self-timer) pics!

Here’s a short film from our trip.



Here’s a few pics taken on the GoPro from surfing & taft point:


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