So who the heck is Laura Fenny???

I’m JUST A SMALL TOWN GIRL. . . and I think you know the rest. Buuuut I’m also a latte lover (homemade, because Starbucks = $$$) who listens to T-Swiz on repeat, but also knows every word to every classic rock song. I LIVE for the outdoors, except for in the winter, where I will be bundled up and cozy for months on end eating Thai food in my yoga pants (with the occasional ski trip which usually ends up with me eating poutine & hot chocolate in the chalet…). I am a wife to my husband, Luc, and in my mind, the owner of 10 cats and 7 dogs because Luc is allergic, soooo that’s a bummer. Family and friends are the biggest part of my life and I would go to the ends of the Earth for any one of them. Laughing might just be my favourite thing. I am more than willing to drop a horrendous Dad joke or pun so be prepared for that. I strive to be my best self each and every day and to serve others through laughter, kindness, and love. I encourage others to just be themselves!

My Approach

I’m an adventurous wedding & elopement photographer who is most passionate about capturing authentic moments that you will cherish for a lifetime.


I genuinely care about documenting couples authenticity. I strive to bring out my clients personalities while giving them images that make them remember why they fell in love with each other each time they look at them.

Want to sit in front of a camera and say “CHEESE”? Forget it. Want a sweet 90’s space backdrop like your old school photos? Heck no (But, maybe?). Want an experience where you can be your complete self and feel comfortable in the moment where I will capture raw and powerful emotions? Nooooo. Wait. YES! You can expect 100% of me before, during, and after your session. I want to know everything about you and your significant other(s)! I refuse to just be your photographer for an hour or for a day. I want to be a friend who you can laugh with (or at), tell stories to, and just be yourself around. I looooove capturing love. I don’t want to just give you photos. I want to give you memories. Capturing every little bit of your love is my ultimate goal!

Laura did both our engagement photos and our wedding photos and I cannot sing her praises loud enough. Every photo she takes is stunning. She is able to capture little, sweet moments and turn them into breath taking photographs. I refer her to everyone who will listen and will use her for any event/function that requires photography in the future.
— Brittany & Tyler

Fun Facts about me

  • Luc and I both have webbed toes, so our children will be ducks

  • I’m secretly an elderly woman as I frequently listen to old hits and play cribbage

  • Fenny is not my last name, it is my middle name, named after my Grandmother

  • I could eat chicken tacos all day erryday

  • I’m a huge coffee lover

  • I have a travel bug! Ireland is at the top of my very long list of places to go

  • My favourite movies are “Dumb and Dumber” and “Home Alone 2”. I die laughing even after the 100th time.

  • I’m the person who forces someone to watch a movie with me and then falls asleep 5 minutes in